Casa de Luna, CA

What a great week. Right now I’m at mile 478 of the trail and taking my first full day off since Cajon Pass. I’m staying at the Anderson’s Casa de Luna with about 30 other hikers. They’ve been hosting hikers here for 15+ years and it’s pretty sweet. There’s a bunch of futons and tents outside, a huge selection of Hawaiian shirts, pancakes for breakfast and I heard some rumor about tacos for supper. It’s super relaxing here, I mean I’m not tired or anything but a day off will do me real nice.

I’ve pretty much just been cruising through the last hundred something miles. I’ve been sticking with the same handful of people for awhile now and they’ve been great. Hiking with a group makes the logistics of the hike so much easier and we are probably having the most fun out here. I still hike by myself sometimes(that’s usually when these guys start talking about gear) but I spend the bulk of my time joking around, if I’m not stuffing my face of course.

Supposedly it’s been super cold for Southern California but I’m not complaining, if it was wicked hot throughout the desert I’d just have to carry more water and that would slow me down. Everything has been going pretty smoothly. Eating plays such a major role in this and I’ve been keeping my weight up. My hygiene has been adequate, I’d say good for the trail but poor for regular life. I mean after a few days away from a town I start to get pretty funky but everyone is, so I don’t even notice it. It’s really the most noticeable when I’m around day hikers, and I’m sure it’s worse for them than me. Come to think of it, there’s a shower here so I think I’ll go wash all 2000 parts real quick.

One Comment on “Casa de Luna, CA

  1. Hey Endless! Great meeting you on the trail near Cameron rd. Thanks for sharing your blog info-I look forward to reading about your adventures. Happy trails!!


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