Wrightwood, CA

I made it into the little ski town of Wrightwood this evening after spending the day giving the trail an absolute beating with my feet. I haven’t really checked this place out yet, just stuffed my face real quick and found a place to throw my tent down.

The last few days have been great. After my day off in Big Bear I hiked about 20 miles through forest and camped at some sweet beach next to a little river. The next day I got up early, had an invigorating early morning swim in an icy river and later on made it to Deep Creek Hot Springs. This place was the real deal, I guess nudists from far and wide go to hang out there. Literally. Supposedly Charlie Manson used to live in the woods there or something. There was all kinds of talk about this big huge storm coming up on us and I had a deadline to pick up a resupply package at the PO so I had to put in some big miles. When I left the hot springs I just walked all day and into the night, it was awesome. Alongside this huge old aqueduct system, next to a gigantic dam, saw a rattler, over this ridge next to a wicked big desert into the sunset and right by Silverwood Lake. It was my highest mileage day of the trip and put me in really good position to get away from this storm. The next morning I hiked for awhile and I was about 3 miles from civilization when some fierce winds and rain finally caught up to me. I switched on my turbo boosters and jogged to a McDonalds on I-15. Besides a McFlurry I hadn’t eaten there in years but I was so hungry. I was whacking back double cheeseburgers with reckless abandon. It was just gross, but awesome at the same time. Trail Angel Innuendo was kind enough to bring me my package from Wrightwood so I took a day off in El Cajon and a bunch of us got cheap rooms at a Best Western while the mountains got hit with a big time storm. It was great, this place had a jacuzzi a pool and a waffle maker. Some of us even took a field trip to Rancho Cucamungo for sushi. Got out early today and it was incredible, started out hot humid and foggy and finally got up to about 8000 feet and walked through areas with about foot of snow. Had some amazing views, travelled through a ski mountain, a trail angel Hopscotch hooked us up with tons of food and drinks and when I finally got to the road I got a ride into town almost immediately. It may have been one of the best hiking days yet.

My good fortunes are continuing. Luck has been on my side. I’m sleeping good, I get a shower once in awhile, my appetite has been indestructible. I’ve been eating food at an incredible rate. The people have been really cool; the hikers, the trail Angels the people in towns. I mean there’s a few whackos here and there but for the most part everyone’s been great.  I have a detour around an old burn area coming up and then I think I’m going back through the desert. I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to share this if you like what you read, or if you got any questions fire away.

One Comment on “Wrightwood, CA

  1. Absolutely breathtaking photos! It looks like you are above the clouds! Glad to hear the trail angels are caring for you and guiding you! I head back to Boston June 23th for 2 weeks! I am excited yo visit my old stomping grounds! Peace out Endless!


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