Endless P Summer

Damascus, VA

Mile 469 You know what they say, “No rain, no Maine.”Actually I only heard that once but it would make sense if that was a common phrase out here. Lots of rain this last week . Not complaining… Read More

Standing Bear Hostel, NC

Mile 240 Since this is my first post in awhile I’ll spare all my readers the details of my life the last few months. I’ll just start with what I’ve been up to lately. On April 17th I… Read More

Seattle, WA and Canada!

Alright I hope you’re sitting down. This is a long post and I encourage you to take 10 minutes and read it. My 2015 thru hike of the PCT is complete but my adventure continues. Of course it… Read More

Cascade Lockes, OR

In case anybody was wondering, I demolished Oregon, absolutely demolished it. I put ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on repeat, walked all day everyday and finished the state in two weeks. It was exciting, grueling, overwhelmingly beautiful, and very… Read More

Mazama Village, OR

Well I guess you could say the hike is getting pretty serious now. Not really it’s mostly just fun. I have however been paying a little more attention to logistics lately. For the bulk of the hike I… Read More

Shasta City, CA

Armed with only a pocket knife, trekking poles and my camera phone I’ve spent the last couple hundred miles hunting Bigfoot in his own backyard. Just kidding, but seriously. I’ve yet to see Bigfoot but the hiking’s been… Read More

Across the Imaginary Line into Northern California

While doing a little research before the trip I learned that of the 5 sections of the trail (the desert, the Sierras, NorCal, Oregon, and Washington) there’s not much information about Northern California. I’m not even 100 percent… Read More

Kennedy Meadows North, CA

I know how confusing this must be so I’ll elaborate. There are two Kennedy Meadows, I’m not going in circles. This one is about 10 miles east of Sonora Pass on highway 4 and has a store and… Read More