Endless P Summer

Warner Springs, CA

I’m 109 miles and 6 days in and so far the hike and experience has been just delightful. I feel like I went into the hike in pretty good shape so cranking out the miles hasn’t been an issue for me. I give my feet pretty good love and haven’t got any blisters. I used my mothers trick the first few days putting Vaseline on them before my socks and ive been hanging my socks everytime I stop. I’m learning that the more efficient you are with food, water, and gear you can have a much lighter pack and the lighter your pack the easier the miles. I sent my stove home along with some clothes and trying to get more done with less. Instead of cooking my dehydrated food I’ve been putting it in an empty peanut butter container adding water and it’s ready at my next meal, it’s pretty good and I’ve been trying to eat as much as I can. I still have a tent but haven’t been using it, the stars are way too cool out here so I just throw down my strip of tyvek, sleeping pad and bag aka cowboy camping.

The scenery in the desert was totally unexpected and has been just the tops! I pictured the desert to be more like sand dunes everywhere but it’s much more mountainous and awesome. I’ve seen only one rattler but some kind of racer and a couple other ones just posing out on the trail, buku lizards, a few horned toads,and two coyotes(but one might have been a wolf and the other might have been a German Shepard).

I’ve hiked and camped with lots of fun and interesting people out here and been learning plenty from them. The Trail Angels have been so great and the timing has been wicked clutch. Mike and Nancy at Scissors crossing and Jan and Jim who picked me up, fed me, and drove me to the trail as well as stocked the water cache at 3rd gate. On the trail most people are given a trail name for one reason or another and a few have been sent my way. I’m trying one on now and I’ll let you know if I decide to keep it. It’s kinda serious business out here so it’s gotta fit just right.

Sometimes I just can’t believe my luck!!


My name is Chris and I’m planning on thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail(PCT) this year. I’ve got a few requests to keep a blog so people can follow along and know what I’ve been getting myself into. Hopefully I can keep up with this blog and figure out the website so my throngs of fans and supporters will be able to enjoy for hours on end. Keep in mind there are a few reasons I might discontinue updating this: I either quit the hike, I met my fate at the hands of some unforeseen enemy, or most likely it became too much of a chore and I continued the hike and just quit telling you about it.

I’ll give you a quick overview of my plan for the coming months. I’ll be flying from Boston to San Diego 4/25 and beginning my trek north from Campo, CA on the Mexican border the following day. In total it’s a 2660 mile trail . I’m planning on taking 5 months with a brief intermission to come home for brother Jake and future s.i.l. Jodi’s wedding in early August.

Stay tuned, more info to follow. I might even bore you with a post about the weight of my gear or the leftovers I dehydrated and plan on eating in July.